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What is Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a process of cleaning the surface by firing particles (sand) material, giving rise to the surface a little market friction / collisions. The surface material will be clean and rough. Levels of roughness can be adjusted to the size of the sand and the pressure. And we are the experts for the construction services sector.



Why Sandblasting in NICOVINDO ?

Sandblasting was chosen because this process is the most rapid and efficient way to clean the surface of the material is contaminated by various impurities, especially rust. This makes the effect of sandblasting permukannya be rough and the rough surface makes the paint can be attached firmly.




The advantage of Sandblasting on NICOVINDO

1. Clean the surface of the material (iron) from contamination such as rust, soil, oil, paint, salt carefully and Quality assurance of quality.
2. Peeling old paint that is damaged or faded with a neat and clean.
3. Creating a profile (roughness) on the metal surface so that the paint stick better. We will do the sandblasting process for raw materials and all surfaces such as steel, Galvanised and wood. Our sandblasting sand for use Silica sand, Aluminum Oxide, Steel grit and Garnet.


Our commitment is to provide the best results by doing the work in DETAIL on each process, SAFETY for the workers and the work itself as well as QUALITY CONTROL final result with an accurate measuring instruments and modern.
To work on a large scale, we can also do the sandblasting and painting on site fabrication / workshop you.

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