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Nicovindo Mandiri is a company in Surabaya, East Java, which provides a wide range of iron and steel products certified as As, Plat, Elbow, strip, tube, Channel UNP, CNP, INP, WF, H-beam, iron concrete, roof and other Galvalum wide variety of materials such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper. We strive to provide good services and facilities are satisfactory. Honesty is the size, weight, and the right price has always been our commitment. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us. To the needs of large amounts can we provide in a short time. In addition we provide products Glasswool and Rockwool. We also have a workshop for the sandblasting process (anti rust) and tail trailer manufacturing engineering, tank and truck. We are one stop shopping for the needs of STEEL - TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT & BUILDING MATERIAL.



Nicovindo offered to cooperate with the manufacturer, contractor, developer, building shop, craftsmen, workshops to try, use, sell, distribute our products.



Nicovindo guarantee all of your order are 100% brand new items according with the specifications and size of the at the time of bidding prices. If within 3 days upon receipt any type of material mistakes, defects, size and quantity that does not fit with the request, we will replace with new items at no cost or 100% money back guarantee.


How to Deal with Us

1. Please contact us via Yahoo Messenger, Email, Fax (031) 7484620, phone (031) 7492219 Hunting
2. Please provide a complete information about the goods that you need such as, type, size, and quantity
3. Please provide company name, address, contact person, e-mail, Fax, your latest phone number
4. Our marketing will offer price, availability of goods and delivery schedule
5. Once the Purchase Order and payment received, goods and invoice will be sent


Jl. Tanjungsari No. 41 Surabaya 60182, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Telepon: +62 31 7492219 Hunting - Faks: +62 31 7484620 - Email: /
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