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Wire Rope

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Wire rope is a type of rope which consists of several strands of metal wire laid (or 'twisted') into a helix. Initially wrought iron wires were used, but today steel is the main material used for wire ropes.
Component of Wire Rope

Wire rope is widely used in many applications for example in cranes or lifting, in the wood industry to attract and bind the wood, for elevators and much more. In the shipping industry a lot of wire rope used to tie up the goods, pull ships, and also to lift up. In addition to the above three applications, wire rope can also be used to replace the function of the anchor chain as the anchor fastener. Here's a guide wire rope as an alternative anchor ship anchor chain binding.

Wire rope can be used as a substitute for anchor chain on the ship given size is as follows :

  • The length of the ship is less than 30 m, two sets of wire rope can be used as a substitute anchor chain.
  • For the ship with length between 30m - 40m one anchor chain can be replaced by wire ropes.
  • Length of wire rope should be 1.5 times the length of the requirements for the type of the ship to limit the use of chain tensile strength and breaking load equal to the chain. 

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